Thursday, January 2, 2014

BEST OF 2013!!

Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope this year brings you many blessings and happiness.
as its time to celebrate the new year, its also time to reflect on the last one.
as well as think back to all the bests of 2013!
so in no particular order, here's my favorites!
1. Go-To Outfit
an oversized cardigan, skinny jeans, t-shirt and boots were a go-to this last year, 2013 definitely proved challenging in so many ways, and possibly the biggest one was school which sucked me dry of energy and time... so a go-to uniform was essential to getting out of the house on time this last year.
2. Chevrons

chevron print was a trendy one this last year, from nail art, to clothing to cell phone cases, it was everywhere, and I was a huge fan of the trend.
3. OPI's San Francisco Collection

being a san Francisco native, this collection immediately drew me in, and it consisted of many of my favorite colors! I love lost on Lombard, which was the perfect navy for this year!
4. Ellie Goulding

I haven't discovered that much in the music world this past year, but the few that I did were awesome. Ellie Goulding is one of my new favorite artists. She has a unique sound and a unique voice, which paired together creates an awesome album.
5. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

this was my most used palette this year. It has every essential color for a quick and easy make-up look. I use the darkest brown for my brows, and the nude colors on my lid, and the light brown in the crease. if im feeling extra daring, I use the black as liner. I've hit pan on three colors already and pretty low on the others.
6. Olive Green

Olive green has been my favorite color of 2013, its attracted me the most when shopping, and makes it easy when putting together outfits because it works as a neutral.
 7. Oversized Cardigans
its been warm enough in the city this year to get away with not wearing a coat, but an oversized cardigan takes its place, and keeps me perfectly warm. plus its been a trendy item to have in your closet this year.
8. Mac's Painterly Paint-Pot

I mentioned this in my December favorites, but its my go-to primer, and concealer. and it's double duty ability makes my life and mornings so much easier.
9. Oversized Knit Infinity Scarf

as well as my cardigans, knit scarves are a great must have, not only are they cute, but they're functional as well. and they keep my neck toasty warm.
 10. Geometric Necklaces
I've been loving geometric pendants and statement necklaces. my look has gone slightly urban, and street lately and I love the balance of natural colors with geometric jewelry.

11. Reign

my favorite tv show of the year, it started in October, and its incredibly historically inaccurate, and has a slight hint of the whole twilight/catchingfire love triangle thing going on. but the costumes (which are also inaccurate) are gorgeous and the acting is decent. I can't explain it but I'm hooked... maybe because I'm a history nerd...
12. Pitch Perfect

now I know this came out in 2012... but I think its my most watched movie this year, besides harry potter. its hilarious and is always a good pick me up, and the vocals are perfectly pitched!
13. Tribal Print

another print that I see everywhere, and also one I love. I love the naturalness about it, and the native American vibe it has. also works great as a neutral print, when I'm mixing and matching.
14. Rose Gold Watch

rose gold is my favorite of the metals, and I love the menswear inspired watches, they go with almost every outfit!
 15. OPI You Don't Know Jacques.
always my favorite, and my go to nail color. its a dark olive greenish brown, and its beautiful in its ugliness.
16. Marc Jacobs Daisy

my signature scent, and I even had to buy a new bottle this year. its fruity floral, and it just makes me happy. I have really good scent/memory recognition and this scent makes me think of happy times.
17. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
this has been my foundation of the year, I discovered that the covergirl natureluxe foundation oxidized on my skin and started to look orange-y... I like the Revlon formula because its creamy and gives me just enough coverage without looking cake-y.
18. Ankle Booties

I love knee-high boots, but the ankle boot trend has been a definite love of the year. my outfits look instantly more trendy and chic.
19. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Chai

I love me some chai, and I love me some pumpkin, so this combination of two great loves in my life is pure perfection. it was great during the holiday season, and kept me feeling seasonal and festive.
20. Leopard Print Scarf

where would I be without my classic go-to scarf? leopard is my neutral print of choice. and my scarf is definitely the staple in my collection.
21. Harry Potter

since attending FIDM, reading of my choice has been very limited, but nothing brings me greater joy than reading harry potter, so I made a point of reading at least every other day. instead of watching tv or youtube, I kept my mind a bit more active in my precious little downtime.
22. Michael Todd Charcoal Scrub

ok so this might be a bit off-putting at first sight. since its a dark charcoal grey, but this has been so gentle on my skin and cleared it of the majority of blemishes. my skin has been looking better and isn't feeling as dry.
23. Sally Hansen's Golden Roses
my love for rose gold continues. this limited edition nail polish is gorgeous and so pigmented. its a nice shade for dressy outfits.
24.  Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter
I stopped buying lotion from bath and body works because I started to read about all the chemicals that are found in these scented lotions. my mom bought me this for Christmas last year, and I've been hooked. its super moisturizing and smells good but not too strong.

25. Bordeaux Lips and Winged Eyeliner
this was my favorite beauty trend of 2013. its classic and chic. its easy to wear on the daily, slightly toned down, or dress it up with an even darker lip and more dramatic eye for the evenings and nights out.
Happy New Year to you all, and I honestly wish the very best for each and everyone one of you.
I hope this year brings many great new experiences and new opportunities.
I'm excited to see where this new year leads me in my fashion endeavors, and I'm excited to share them with all of you!
Bouna Fortuna
Tanti abbracci!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Favorites!

Its 2014, which means its a totally new year! and its time for my monthly favorites!!
I can't believe December has come and gone...
1. Urban Outfitters Blossom Lip Gloss
I am not normally the lip gloss type of girl, but a wonderful friend gave this to me for Christmas, and I am totally in love with it, not only is it super cute, and filled with blossoms, but it smells yummy and actually does a great job of moisturizing my lips!
2. Mac's Painterly Paint Pot

an oldie but a goodie, this does a great job of keeping my shadows lasting all day long, but it has also doubled as a concealer. I use it to set my concealer, and my dark under eye circles stay hidden pretty much all day long!
3. Pixi's Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched

like the lip gloss, I am not normally one for bronzer, possibly because I am so fair and nothing is light enough for my complexion... until I tried this one! its slightly pinker than normal bronzers so it doubles as a blush, but gives my face the warmth of a bronzer, for a happy sunny California look!
4. Be A Bombshell.... in Sunset 
I've never tried a stick blush because I've heard too many people complain about how they break, but I got this in my monthly ispy bag (which i'll link below). This is a creamy blush that blends in with the warmth of my skin, and doesn't look cake-y, or streak-y. yay!
5. OPI's All Sparkly and Gold
this glitter, from the Mariah Carey collection, is the perfect holiday glitter! its gold with a slight hint of silver, which makes matching metals even better! but most of all it lasts and keeps on shining for days unlike some glitter polishes that get dull and crack easily.
6. Starlooks Obsidian Eyeliner 

I started wearing pencil eyeliner again, just because its so easy to apply, and takes less time and concentration than my gel liner. This one is great because its pure black and doesn't smudge and leave me with raccoon eyes...
1. J. Crew Pixie Pants
now I am not gona lie, this month has been comfort over fashion, I had finals, then got sick, then had to work a bunch, and there was the holidays, and with everything going on my outfits fell by the wayside, and my pixie pants  became my best friend. sturdy and yet comfortable these are definitely my go to pants!

 2. Scarves and Chain Fringe Pendants
these kind of go hand in hand, but I've been loving this combo, the fringe necklace is trendy and stylish and looks great layered under an infinity scarf. its that added glitz and glam to a winter outfit!
3. Gold Sparkle Flats
Twas the season to be jolly, and glittery! these flats kept me feeling festive this holiday season, despite the stress and cold I was undergoing at the time. plus they work as a neutral too so they basically went with every outfit!
4. J.Crew Elbow Patch Sweater
these sweaters are slightly oversized and were a hot ticket item this holiday season, but I managed to snag this maroon one and wore it obsessively! its so comfy and so cute!
5. J. Crew Oversized Cardigan
I know... too much J.Crew... but I can't help it... this oversized cardigan was also a lifesaver, it looks great with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans! (plus I can wear my gold sparkle flats too!) it was a go to for my December wardrobe.
1. Hogwarts Coffee Mug
my best friend knows me all too well, and combined my two great loves in life, Harry Potter, and coffee mugs! this will be my favorite mug to drink my tea and coffee from every morning.
2. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

so festive and so yummy, peppermint hot chocolate kept me in the mood for Christmas this year, despite everything else that I had on my mind.
3. Aladdin Travel Mug

because of this mug my trips to starbucks have been less frequent, and my pocket book a little bit bigger, I treated myself to a new travel mug since my old one was kinda small. but now I am motivated to make my own coffee instead of having the barista at starbucks do the same thing for me.

4. Ramones
My music of choice recently. I've been getting back into the grove of classic rock n roll, and the Ramones have that punky edge that makes listening to them so much fun!
5. Caesar Salad

not exactly the healthiest salad, but its tasty and keep my appetite smaller, so I'm less likely to snack on things that a far less healthy.
 6. Trader Joe's Chicken Enchiladas
in a month where I have practically done everything non-stop easy dinners are a must, and trader joes usually nails it in this department, and the chicken enchiladas are so yummy! it fills me up and its quick to make.
so there's my December favorites!! I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!
Tanti Abbracci!

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration!

I can't believe that 2014 is almost here... just the other day I accidently wrote 2012 on something... whoops!
but with a new year brings new resolutions and good fortunes. each year is promised to be better than the last and gives us new hope for happiness.
but bringing in the new year means that you're in need of a kick ass outfit, so I put together three looks great for any occasion!
so here we go!
Outfit 1. a night with friends
so for a casual evening keep it dressed up with coated leggings, and a silk cami, you're sure to still look cute, but with comfort. an oversized cardigan will make the look a bit more cozy and biker boots help finish it up. a red lip will help you bring in the new year with style.
Outfit 2. Out on the Town

a night out on the town is fun! make it extra fun with lots of sparkle, like a sequin tank and glitter heels! pair them with black skinnies so its not so over board, but finish off with a bold statement necklace to show off your confidence for the new year!
Outfit 3. A Hot Date
get out your favorite party dress, because its time to celebrate. pair your favorite black dress with the same gold heels and a graphic statement necklace for a trendy and bold look. red nails keep it festive, but keep it on the darker side for a chic mani. and keep all your valuables in a black and gold clutch to finish off this new years look!
Have a wonderful, safe and happy New Year! and thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me. I can't believe I've had my blog for over a year!
Buona Fortuna!
Tanti Abbracci!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration

The holidays are here, and parties are happening everywhere. Sometimes its hard to know what to wear. Do you keep it casual? Elegant? Or is it an ugly Christmas sweater party? Well never fear because I have three awesome outfit ideas that will help for any occasion.
Outfit 1. Fancy Occasion
For a fancy party keep it festive with a burgundy dress. add neutral accessories like nude pumps and gold bracelets, but get fun with a blinged out statement necklace. a charcoal sparkle will look great on your nails, and has the same tones as the necklace so the look stays cohesive. finish off with a burgundy quilted cross-body to hide all the candy you took!
2. Casually Chic
for this outfit, keep it simple but still get dressed up for the holiday season. a pair of black skinnies and a white chiffon blouse is timeless and chic, and a pair of black flats keep you comfy but still nice. a faux fur vest is an unexpected pop of fun, but keeps you warm as well. finish off with a pendant necklace, and navy polish too add a touch of color!
3. Ugly Sweater Contest
for an ugly sweater contest, keep it cute! an ugly oversized sweater is actually on trend, so just find a Christmas themed one and pair it with black leggings and biker boots for a more casual laid back vibe. finish off the look with a scarf and a Santa hat for good measure.
So there you go! I hope you enjoyed
Tanti Abbracci!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


So Christmas is upon us, and the gifting season has begun, so I've put together a list of things I think are awesome gifts, and hopefully will give you and idea of what to get someone!
so in no particular order, here's 12 awesome gift ideas! so... here we go!
1. The Stocking Stuffer
eos lip balms are so popular today, and what a cute little gift idea is this? it makes the perfect stocking stuffer, or split it up into three different gifts!
2. Portable Phone Charger

thoughtful and practical, with the smart phone craze, people are constantly running low on battery and these things are so handy. they hold up to about a full phone charge and only require a usb chord when carrying it around.
3. Homemade Goodies
a homemade trail mix in a jar is a cute gift idea. you can share with someone your favorite treat and they can reuse the jar when they're done!
4. Hand Cream, or Body Lotion

during the holidays, beauty brands usually come out with tester sets of they lotions, so this makes a great gift for someone who loves different scents, or again distribute them into separate gifts.
5. Vintage Tea Cup

this is a cute idea for the coffee or tea drinker, its a bit more personalized than the coffee mugs sold at big name stores, and they're super cute and dainty!
6. Make-Up Sets

personally I hope Santa brings me the naked 3 palette this year, but make-up palettes are perfect for beauty lovers, they have multiple shades so there is bound to be something they like!
7. Perfume

Perfume is also a more personal gift, it means the person buying for you took their time to find you something they think you'd like.

8. Moccasins 
perfect for the person with super cold feet! moccasins are a perfect Christmas gifts! they're seasonally appropriate and I would say pretty universally loved!

9. Nail Polish Sets
again, you can divide this up, or give it to a nail polish junkie so they can try out new shades, I mean you can never have to many red polishes!
10. Quirky Sweaters

Novelty sweaters are super popular, and there's bound to be graphic just perfect for your friend!
11. Phone Cases

phone cases are always fun! and a great accessory for the fasionista who's closet is already huge!
12. Hand Crafted Gift

taking the time to learn a craft and then making it into presents is are sweet gesture and really comes from the heart. a hand-knit scarf is not only practical, but a huge trend that's really cute!
I hope you got some ideas! these are perfect gifts for almost any friend, so there's bound to be something they'd love!
Happy Gifting!!