Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Trend Themes And My Own Inspiration

i went to a presentation at school today, by stylesight.com which is a great website for aspiring designers to research trends and get other inspiration. the presentation was about the progression of technology and the spring trends and colors of 2014. what impressed me the most was the evolution of technology and how much it has helped to progress the innovations of fashion. the images from the color stories and themes were graphic, vivid, and rich in ideas and color. so i thought i do a little bit of my own research and share with you the things i saw.

there wont be any styling of outfits today, but what i hope you will get out of seeing these colors and themes are your own ideas for outfits. :)

Nicole Miller

each season teams of people collaborate together to create the themes and color stories for the upcoming season's trends. these themes are usually divided into four stories or categories based on the inspiration and the color complements.
Theme 1. rich hues
deep earthy rich tones are color story for this season. according to the guest speaker, the tangerine orange is meant to stay for the next couple of years. but these colors create a moody arty feeling to any wardrobe or interior, even exterior space.
Theme 2. romantic tones
soft muted colors are always in for the spring and summer, pastels are always favored. but these have a greyish tone to them that gives a whole new feel to these beautiful colors. our guest speaker described them as ballerina colors.

Theme 3. muted neons
neons are going slightly out of style, which for the sake of the fashion world might be a good thing. taking the place of the bright highlighter colors are bright colors with a more muted feeling. they aren't so in your face. again orange is a huge part of the color theme.
Theme 4. Putty and Clay

black and white is trending more than ever for spring and summer, but a neutral palette of putty grey and beige is also trendy. this is super earthy and natural and romantic in feel as well. each color seems muddy and dirty and yet and a clean classic look.

Color combinations are subjective, your personal eye will draw you to what you will find aesthetically pleasing. however, understanding and researching colors trends for each season opens you up to a new world of trend, ideas, opinions, inspiration, and knowledge. you will see colors and combinations you didnt even knew existed.
inspiration can come from all over. one thing i have learned as a designer is never allowing yourself to be uncreative, never allowing yourself to prevent something from inspiring you, never allowing yourself the opportunity to grow. accepting that you might be bad at first. accepting that its your choice and your design. my inspiration comes from everything, the people i see, the textures, the smells, the colors i see every day.
i hope you got something from this blog post, and your own inspiration for outfits and fashion
Much Love <3

Friday, April 26, 2013

neon and neutrals

i love simple outfits that have one loud statement, so im going to be styling a neutral outfit with a bright pop of neon. its fun experimenting with your style and breaking out of that box. a pop of neon amongst a neutral palette really allows to you express an emotion, or a mood.

Outfit 1. Summer Sands

this bright fuchsia color is great for spring and summer, its a bold neon that is super flattering. think of it as a power color. paired with the ecru colored jeans, it makes a statement without seeming crazy.

 a pair of nude flats helps to keep the "power" color vibrant.

a white or cream statement necklace helps to complete the look. dont add anymore color to your outfit. the point is to have the fuchsia stand out.

Outfit 2. Bold Romance

Science of Chic Top

so for this look i kept it soft and feminine with a soft grey chiffon top, and neutral floral printed jeans. the colors are all soft and within the same shade range, so it works.

so for the pop of neon i went with bold yellow shoes. i think, as far as shoes and handbags go, that they dont really neeeeeed to match perfectly. th point is to make a statement, but in this case the yellow does complement the soft grey of the blouse.

gold accessories are a great way to finish your outfit, but keep it simple and feminine.

Outfit 3. Girly Chic

Blouses - Charming Companion Top

neon coral is a trendy color this season, but to tone it done pair this high low skirt with a white peter pan collared blouse. the girly youthful vibe of the shirt complements the trendy bold color in a great way.

 for shoes keep it simple. a soft baby pink flat is perfect to tone down the bright coral.

to play up to youthful side of this outfit, wear your hair half up and half down with this cute pink bow.

finish up with a cute quirky ring.

So there are a few ways i love to wear bright colors. i pretty much stick to neutral outfits, so its a nice change to incorporate something bright and fun into an outfit.

much love <3

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disney Princess Outfit Inspiration: Part II

My last blog post was such a tremendous success, that i thought i would do a part two. i got several requests for more princesses. I want to thank all 105 people who read my last post, i was quite flattered to get that many views on one post.

so without further ado, here we go!

Princess 4. Belle




so for belle my challenge was to create an outfit that wasn't librarian chic... so to avoid that i went for a blue maxi dress (or skirt) layered over that for a more bohemian style i chose a crochet lace top in white. As far as accessories go i tried to stick to the color story with blue chevron bangles and of course a rose pendant, for Belles book bag choose any cognac colored tote bag, and a pair of matching sandals. i opted for a white polish for a more modern chic feel.

Princess 5. Rapunzel (from tangled)


for Rapunzel, i chose a purple ombre shirt, and a light lavender skirt, the trick to wearing all one color is to wear different shades of that color. i also chose a grey lace bandeau to wear underneath because it helps to tone down the chiffin shirt. for accessories i went for a silver statement necklace and silver watch. the silver help complement the different shades of purple and tone them down a bit. for shoes i went for purple studded shoes to add some edge, and a soft pink nail varnish to break away from all the purple without clashing with the outfit.

Princess 6.  Cinderella



since disney seems to favor blue dresses, this one was a fun challenge, and i did not want to go too literal. so for Cinderella, i went with a soft cream top with a peter pan collar, which sort of represents the silhouette of her dress, i pair it with a blue cami underneath and a pair of chambray high waisted short with a flared bottom so its almost like wearing a skirt. a belt cinches in your waist, and a pair of lace oxfords are a modern take on the glass slipper, just dont loose them. a cute pendant and a light blue polish tie the look together.

i hope you enjoyed these as well!!

much love <3