Friday, May 31, 2013

A Positive Outlook

lately i've been struggling with self confidence, and i have been really hard on myself, i believe that we all go trough hard times, and that we struggle with our insecurities on almost a daily basis. we allow for negative thoughts to consume our minds, and its hard to get rid of those feelings.
1. The Fashion Industry:
i know i am a fashion designer, and its a harsh industry. theres the constant feeling of not being good enough, not beautiful enough, not slender enough. theres always hesitation, theres alot of self doubt, there's too much negativity towards myself and my art. but theres a reason why i stick with it, and thats because i LOVE what i do. yes it may be superficial, but it makes me feel good. yes beauty is not always whats on the outside, but i feel better on the outside because of my love for what i do. its by no means easy, and i am constantly worn out, and exhausted and i'm too busy to go out, but i have the satisfaction of accomplishing something beautiful at the end of the day, and thats what makes me feel good!
2. You are only Human, but you are amazing!
take a moment each day to take a step back from everything you have to get done, and have to accomplish and have to go and do, and reflect on the postive things about yourself. make a list of things or people you are greatful for, and reflect on the things that make you happy.
i am all too consummed by everything that i have going on, and i tend to make things harder and more stressful for myself but constantly thinking about everything i must do. i forget to take care of my body and my mind, and put work and school ahead of that.
sometimes i need to remind myself that i am only human, and i am allowed to make mistakes, or that its ok to not finish a homework assignment once in a while, or that i can't always be the most amazing employee that day.
its ok to take a day off and get away from all that.
3. My Faith, and My Outlook
as for my self image, God created me to be exactly how i am, maybe you don't believe in God, but i'm sure you believe in something, and that faith will make you a stronger and more beautiful person when you believe.
i have flaws, i am not perfect, i have zits, and occasionally my hair looks greasy, maybe i dont have the most amazing outfit, or i've got dark circles under my eyes, but that makes me no less of a person, and makes me no less beautiful if i let go of those insecurities and just be the person God made me to be.
they say a smile is the most beautiful accessory a person can wear, and thats true. sometimes, even when you're feeling sad, just smiling can make or break how you feel the rest of the day.
starting off with a negative attitude will only make you feel worse. i will be the first to admit that its hard to shake those negative feelings, but just remember, other people will feed off your attitude as well, and if its a negative one then you're creating a negative environment and you yourself will only feel worse in the end.
4. Never Neglect Opportunity
each day we are given so many opportunities, to make ourself a better person, to make someone else's day better, to make someone else feel loved, but those opporunities start from yourself. so give yourself the opportunity each day to make not only yourself feel better but someone else.
an opportunity may only come once, and you can't be scared of failure. yes it feels awful to fail, but why deny yourself an opportunity because of fear. most likely you'll end up regretting it, and life is too short for regret.
mistakes are apart of life. and you only grow and become better at who you are and what you do if you make mistakes. sure its a struggle but the outcome can only be a positive one
5. In Conclusion
in conclusion remember that you are beautiful, and an amazing person, and you have so many opportunities in life. don't bring yourself down and miss out. stay positive, take care of yourself, and induldge once in a while. we are only human, and every single one of us deserves the very best.
i love you all and i hope this helped you as much as it helped myself to write it
Much Love <3

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 Homemade Face Masks!

i've started using more natural products on my face and skin because store bought face wash and masks have a lot of harsh ingredients that i've noticed are starting to irritate my skin... so... i did some research and came up with three face masks/scrubs that you can make at home with products from your kitchen!

i know this isn't a fashion post, but beauty starts from within and when you feel good about yourself thats all that matters, im actually working on a self esteem blog post that will be published soon. taking care of yourself is one of the first steps to feeling good about yourself, so i hope you enjoy.

also, im thinking about turning June, into an all-about-me month, i will be posting things like self confidence, heathly food options, fun ways to exercise and beauty from within kind of things. so let me know what you think!!

alrighty - here we go!!

1. green tea face mask!


green tea bag



Vitamin E (optional)

we all know the postive benefits of green tea... its full of antioxidents and helps to boost metabolism... blah.. blah.. blah... but did you know its also good for your skin?

brew a cup of green tea in hot water for about a minute then remove the tea bag. in a little dish empty the tea leaves from the tea bag. mix a table spoon of sugar and a dollop of honey and mix it all up.

scrub the mix all over your face then let it sit for about 5-7 minutes.

your skin might be a little red after you wash all of it off but now's a good time to moisturize your face with your favorite moistuizer.

the green tea and honey help nourish your skin while fighting acne or acne scaring. the caffeine in the green tea helps to awken the skin, the sugar scrubs away all the dirt and gunk, and the honey helps to add moisture.

do this a couple times a week for best results.

2. Cinnamon and Honey




Vitamin e (optional)

heat up the honey in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds, you dont want it to get too hot, but you want it to be warm enough for the cinnamon to mix in smoothly. add a couple of drops of vitamin e if you want to add extra moisture to your skin.

cleanse your face of any make-up or dirt from the day with warm water, then slather on the cinnamon honey mask. i like to keep mine on for about 10-15 minutes. then wipe your face gently removing all of the mask, use warm water. use a toner to help skin relax, and the  moisturize.

the honey and cinnamon help to rid your skin of impurities and cleanse all of your pores. this also helps to fight acne, but works great if you just want fresh clean skin as well.

3. lavender rose salt scrub.


lavender rose tea


tea tree oil

so this mask is great if you want to relieve stress and relax for an evening. this scrub is also great for your whole body.

again like the green tea, brew a cup of lavender rose tea for about  a minute then extract the tea bag and cut it open, pour the tea leaves in a bowl, mix the salt (about 2-3 tablespoons) and just a couple of drops of tea tree oil ( a little goes a looooong way). mix it all together.

i dont recommend this as a face mask, just lightly scrub it on your face then wash off. for me personally it works better just as a quick face scrub. the lavener scent can be a bit strong.

its great for relieving headaches and relaxing the body. use it to scrub your whole body after a long day.

i hope you enjoyed and try one or all of these face masks (remember to research what you're allergic to before hand)

Much Love <3

Friday, May 24, 2013

1 Summer Dress 3 different ways!

a big trend for dresses this spring/summer is the cinched waist. i've been seeing them in a lot of shops recently and i for one love this style because they are easy to wear and pretty basic so you can get plenty of wear out of them.

Casual - Harbor Lights Dress
i love this creamy white color. its a prefect summer's day kind of dress. it's light weight and casual, but still has a dressed up element with the collar.
Outfit 1. Work Attire
this outfit is simple and put together with a quirky edge. the cardigan keeps your shoulders covered for work, but the cute pattern pair with a coral statement necklace and a cute pair of kitty loafers makes for an adorable oh-so zoey deschanel kind of look.
Outfit 2. A day of shopping
Necklaces - Glam of La Mancha Necklace
Neutral Neutral Neutral. thats the name of the game, when i shop i like to have a basic neutral outfit. neutral is great because when trying other things on you can pair an accessory you already own on to get an idea. and the more simple your outfit the better... a belt cinches in your waist and sandals are easy to slip in and out of.
Outfit 3. Party Girl
Heels - State of the Architectural Wedge
so for a dressed up look pair a leatherette circle skirt over the dress to make it look like two pieces. the layer underneath gives more volume to the bottom, and a bold black statement necklace is perfect for a night out. lastly pair your favorite pair of chunky wedges with an architectural vibe for a bit of contrast.
i hope you enjoy.
Much Love <3

Thursday, May 23, 2013

lazy day fashion

i woke up this morning absolutely exhausted and not wanting to get out of bed at all... unfortunately the world doesn't stop when im tired. so i pulled myself out of bed and decided that i wanted to be comfy... but going to a fashion school i feel somewhat obligated to dress up. so here are my crafty ways of trying to look fashionable but remain totally comfy.

Outfit 1.

 a black t-shirt is perfect. its easy to dress up or down. and its visually slimming.

where would i be without my leopard print scarf? absolutely no where.... this scarf adds instant glam to an outfit.

skinny jeggings (that are more on the jean side) are comfortable but fitted so that you look put together.

a braided belt and color blocked flats help complete the look.

Outfit 2.

 a white lace tunic is super cute but comfy enough to wear any day

black leggings are basically like wearing pajamas but out doors.

 a pair of cognac colored boots in contrast with te lace and black leggings makes it look like you put time and thought into this quick and easy outfit.

an oversized cardigan keeps you warm and cozy (kinda like being wrapped up in a blanket)

Outfit 3.

a chambray is a go to in my closet

tuck it into a knit maxi skirt.

add a statement necklace for a bold accessory.

add a pair of sandals for a casual comfy look.

i hope you enjoyed my lazy day go to outfits. they're quick easy and look like you put some thought into it, but cha didn't!!

*quick tip: i usually plan my outfits the night before so im not rushing around the neck morning wasting time.

Much Love <3

Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Wishlist

With summer rapidly approaching we're searching for the best hot weather fashion!

heres 10 items on my wishlist for this summer

1. Chiffon Maxi Skirts

its the hot weather the last thing you want is to feel like your pasted to your clothes with a super glue that is your sweat. a chiffon made from a natural fiber will breathe and keep you cooler during those painfully hot days.

2. sleeveless chambray

oh my love for chambray continues... but sleeveless... this is the perfect layering piece with a cute tank, or just on its own with a pair of shorts. its versatile and fashionable and perfect for every day.

3. feminine blouses

anything with a cute collar is a must. these are girly and cute and add that perfect touch to a casual summer outfit. they can be dressed up or down and are usually made of a softer lighter material to help keep you cool.

4. linen shorts

these are great because they're a looser fit and made of a natural fiber. not to mention that they have a fashionable trendy cut, which helps make even a simple tank look better.

5. denim jacket

this a must year round, but a denim jacket is nice for the cooler summer nights, its light weight and easy to throw on, plus it looks cute with just about every outfit!

6. tribal print scarf

tribal print is still big, but keep it at a minimum with an accent piece, like a light weight scarf. again its great for layering if it gets a bit chilly, but the fun colors and cool print help dress up a simple look.

7. color blocked sandals

these are super cool and totally different from the brown or black gladiator sandals. a pop of neon can give an insta tan or help visually slim down your feet.... buuuuut.... they're mostly just really cool!

8. floral print

a bold floral print in bright and fun summer colors is great for any closet, so for a simple silhouette so you can dress this dress (haha) up or down.

9. coral nail polish

i love coral during the summer, its my happy color. so paint your nails with this pretty color for a happy feeling.

10. fuschia lipstick

so you're not wearing too much coral. a bright fuschia lip is perfect! its a bright shade thats great for summer!!

i hope you enjoyed my summer wishlist!! tell me your must haves or wants in the comments below.

Much Love <3