Saturday, August 24, 2013

simple but chic

the cutest outfits are often the outfits that are simple.
it doesn't take much to be chic if you keep the silhouette elegant and simple.
too many accessories can be overwhelming and seem uncomfortable.
so here are my three favorite simple outfits.
1. classy lady

my favorite neutral color combo is ivory, black and cognac. pair a simple chiffon blouse in an ivory color with black skinnies. a pair of basic cognac flats mix in brown with black. insta-chic!
2. cute and on the go

a basic t-shirt dress is an effortless outfit all in one. adding leggings makes it seem more comfortable, but still cute. and leopard printed loafers add some pattern but are comfier than wedges or heels.
3. careless time

stripes are a classic go to print, as you already well know. pair with a lighter wash jean, its casual  but looks well put together. a pair of cognac boots make for an accessory without any effort.
obviously you can add more accessories if you want, but the point is to put together a really quick outfit that looks chic but takes no thought or time to put together. these are generally my go to looks for either lazy days or mornings when I run out of time.
Much Love <3

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Denim Denim Denim!

 I've been stuck in a fashion rut... and wearing jeans is the easiest way to put together an outfit, but it inspired to get creative with the rest of my outfit, so here are three looks that i'm loving at the moment.
get ready for fall by layering different textures. a chiffon blouse is perfect for those coldmorninghotafternooncoldevening kind of days... later a tan cocoon style sweater over for the transition piece. black skinnies will make this outfit look effortless but chic. finish off with a black and gold statement necklace, gold pave link bracelet and black and gold studded shoes! you will look cute and stylish but still be comfortable


another great way to wear jeans is with patterns. layer a polka dot button down with a striped sweater in the same colors. for extra warmth layer a puffer vest over. add a bit of sparkle and texture with a tortuoise shell necklace. finish off with a mid rinse wash skinny jean and olive green wedges. its an artsy cool girl vibe instantly!

for a put together look with an free spirited vibe, layer a chunky cardigan over a polka dot chambray. its a juxtaposition of bohemian and preppy. add a simple and cute statement necklace for a little pop of glam. skinny jeans keep the look more flattering since the sweater is an oversized knit. finish off with a black fringed bootie for a edgy look.
I hope you enjoyed my fall  inspired denim looks. I hope you got some ideas.
Much Love <3


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Evolving Style

So I had one of those moments where you stand in your closet and you see all of your clothes... but you have absolutely nothing to wear. it hit me today that its not that I hate my clothes, and I'm pretty blessed to have a closet with clothes in it, but its that my style is evolving and changing, and what interests me is changing. I've gone through the button down chambray phase (still love my chambray), I've gone though the sweet and girly phase, the edgy phase, and I find now that my style wants to be comfortable with stylish pieces. I'm not one to spend a fortune on only a couple of pieces I do prefer to get more for my money, but I am struggling to find a happy balance of things that I know I will keep wearing (i.e. the basics) and the stylish trendy pieces to keep me excited about my wardrobe.
I just gave away four huge bags of things that I may still love, but find myself not wearing frequently enough to make room in my closet. So I decided to do some research and I shopped forever 21 and put things into a wish list. this gave me an idea of the silhouettes and styles that I am interested in so that when I go shopping next i'll have some direction of where I want to go. I think this will help me to get the best use out of my closet and still keep me interested through this next year.
so here are some of the things I found myself loving this season.
1. drop shoulder shirts
a dropped shoulder often works as a versatile piece in any wardrobe. its perfect for casual comfy days, with a simple pair of jeans or leggings, or it can be dressed up for work. the dropped shoulder gives off a relaxed vibe which I find myself drawn to. its the whole "I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard" kind of shirt.
2. Chiffon Pants
I just designed a collection for one of my classes which included chiffon pants. they seem so ethereal but comfortable. its a stylish version of a sweatpant in my opinion. its easy to look put together without giving a whole lot of thought. plus you can pair these with so much that's already in your closet.
3. Lace
this trend is old, but I still love it. the thing that drew me most to this particular shirt is the style of the lace. I love the thicker detailing at the bottom and the delicate paisley that sort of has a ombre effect from the neck down. its visually interesting and is simple enough for a casual but well put together outfit.
4. Graphic Sweater
I love anything with the union jack on it, but this sweater is just really awesome! its got a great texture to it and is slightly oversized for a comfy look. I hate sweaters that feel restrictive. when I think of sweaters I think of something that is roomy and comfy.
5.  Tribal Print
I've loved tribal prints for a while now, but I find myself really gravitating towards them this season. I like to find them in neutral or dark colors so that I can mix in another simple pattern or pair it with a colored pant. I think this trend is becoming very chic and edgy.
6. Maxi Cardigans
there is something glamorously comfy about a maxi cardigan. it takes some confidence to pull this look off so when your comfy, but owning it you look super chic. I love this trend because its basically like wearing a bathrobe in public!! I feel like I'll be dreaming of my bed a little less when I'm wearing this.
7. Headbands
I love my hair, but when im working all day I find it so annoying when its in my face, therefore I usually tie it up in a bun, but with a headband, I can keep my outfit chic while still keeping my hair out of my face!
8. Chain Cuffs
these kinds of bracelets are great for layering or just on their own. its a simple piece that can add a pop of glam to a casual outfit. I love an oversized sweater with leggings and a shiny pop of gold to add some instant glam!
9. Floppy Fedoras
these are great for my walk to school, it keeps the wind or rain off but still keeps my outfit looking chic. I love any kind of clothing or accessory that is trendy but serves a purpose as well. black is also a good option because it goes with everything!!
10. Biker Booties
these kinds of shoes are really popular, and I can totally see why. they add some edge to an outfit, but also go with any kind of outfit. wear it with a skirt, or leggings or even jeans. its a simple and neutral enough kind of those with some trendy appeal.
so that's my plan for this season. research styles before you go shopping and make a list, that way its not something you just pick up and buy... but never wear.. the trick is to put things in your wish list and if you keep thinking about it for a few days chances are you'll get a lot more use out of it!!
Much Love <3

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Self Worth

I just posted on facebook that the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle.
I've got a lot on my plate and a lot on my mind... the Lord must think I'm pretty strong.
I have to admit, sometimes I don't feel that way, but other times I sit back and think about all the amazing things I have accomplished and have to yet to accomplish, and my feeling of self worth blossoms and it feels amazing.
This is a short post, but the less words I speak the more meaning it may have.
But no matter how much you think you are struggling, you are struggling because you are capable of overcoming and accomplishing and you are strong and you are amazing.
To me fashion is my life, my creative and artistic being is what makes me most happy, I have put a lot into this blog, and yes I am taking a break for a bit, but I have focused on myself and made myself a stronger happier person, and doing what I love fulfills my life.
 but this is not about clothes, or what you look like, but how truly amazing you are.
Thank you for being my Readers
Much Love <3

Friday, August 2, 2013

July Favorites

its time again!! July favorites time!!
1. Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
for me this not only works as a primer for my eyeshadow, but a concealer under my eyes as well... it covers up my dark under eye circles really well actually.
2. Healthy Sexy Hair - Sea Salt Spray
my hair is really fine, I just have a lot of it so it looks thicker than it is. but a little bit of this beachy spray adds texture which is perfect for braids and buns!!
3. Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter
This stuff moisturizes so well, the pot of it unfortunately doesn't last me very long, but its only about 5 dollars, but the body butter itself leaves my skin feeling soft and not sticky.
4. OPI's Malaga Wine
this deep burgundy red color is my favorite transition polish into fall. its really flattering on pale complexions and it feels so elegant!
5. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
I ran out of my other mascaras and the only new one I had around was this one, and I completely forgot how much I love this mascara, its not super volumizing, but it makes my lashes black which makes them look fuller and longer.
6. Maybelline's Red Revival
if you want a long lasting red lipstick, this one is it. I only have to re-apply it maybe once throughout the day, it lasts forever. it will start to bleed a bit towards the end of your day so use a lip liner or a concealer around the edges so it wont.
1. Maxi Skirts
I have been wearing maxi skirts like crazy, but they're just so easy and comfortable. they can be dressed up or down and are super cute! I have been wearing mine to school mostly, since I have to wake up super early, its just easy to think about.
2. Tribal Print Sweater
comfiest thing ever! its super cute and super trendy, but that adds a fashion forward look to this oversized sweater. oversized things tend to get frumpy looking so when you can find something a little bit trendy it makes it look more put together.
3. lace tops
again... they're just so easy. during the summer I tend to get lazy with fashion, I feel as if there's not a whole lot you can do, so I like to dress things up like t-shirts with lace.
4. American Flag Scarf
im not overly patriotic... but I do love my flag printed scarf. its trendy and surprisingly goes with a lot.
5. Sea Foam Green Sandals
I always get compliments on my sea foam sandals... they're braided really nicely and they're somewhat of an unusual color for a sandal. its a nice pop of color to my usually neutral outfits.
1. Strawberry Yogurt O's
I don't like the strawberry covered yogurt bits... I think theyre pretty gross, but I love the cherrios and the cheerios covered in yogurt, its a perfect combination of sweet and crunchy
2. Hibiscus Tea
I've for the most part given up coffee, the affect of caffeine wasn't working on me much anymore so i'd compensate with 2-3 cups... not healthy... so ive been drinking more and more tea, and right now im loving my hibiscus tea, its floral and citrus-y and reminds me of Egypt.
3. Despicable Me 2
cutest movie ever! if you know anything about me you know that I absolutely love the minions
4. The Bachelorette
I needed a junk show over my summer break... and I got addicted... and I'm so mad at Brooks...
5. overlock machine
my grandma gave me her old but awesome overlock machine for my birthday and I've been using it non-stop! it makes me sewing projects look finished and professional!!
There's my montly favorites in a nutshell.
hope you enjoyed
Much Love <3