Monday, January 28, 2013

its not all just black and white

so im going to kill two birds with one stone

im going to pair a bodycon skirt that could quite possibly by hard to style, and show you two ways to wear it... but!! for two different body types!! im going to try and start styling outfits for a couple different body types in each outfit blog!

it can be hard to know what to wear sometimes but if you start off with a base then you can have an idea of where you want to go with your outfit.

my first rule of thumb is to find that one thing you want to wear and if its simple you can afford to go a little crazy, and vice versa.

so here we go!!

1. lovely curves

so if you have curvy hips like me wearing a bodycon skirt might make you feel self conscious, but heres what to do!!

go for a black and white stripped skirt, but if you get a horizantal stripe you can make your hips look even bigger, so stick with vertical stripes because they are visually slimming.

also because your skirt is form fitting go for a top with more volume.

a sweatshirt terry material is perfect for a more casual day-time look.

add a cable knit beanie to keep your head warm, and to add a cute accessory.

stack some bracelet on one wrist in different colors

and some black fringe boots for a fun relaxed vibe

sticking to dark neutrals is also slimming for your curvy body. it draws the eyes inward making you appear thinner.

2. No. 2 Pencil

if you're thin you can afford to wear horizantal stripes and it can add curve to your body

wearing a thick stripped skirt will add some curve to your hips without overwhelming your lower half.

annnnnddd... because your skirt is tight fitting go for more volume on top.

wear a black tank and tuck it into your skirt

to mix some more pattern into your outfit throw a tribal patterned sweater over the look.

to add some sparkle add a silver statement necklace

for a casual look, and to add some color wear a pair of red (or whatever color you want) low-top converse

if you want to dress the look up loose the sweater and switch out the converse for a pair of heels.

so thats how i'd wear my bodycon skirt. obviously you can wear whichever you want, but if you get self conscious like me little tricks can help to make you add or loose curves!

have fun <3!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Minty Fresh

mint is not only good for bad breath but its also a cute color for clothes!!

mint green is a huge trend during the spring... we're breaking away from the dark hues of winter and trying to feel refreshed for the new spring season.. and what better color than mint green?!

i found three mint green pieces that i absolutely love and im going to style them in cute outfits for the upcoming season!!!!

Outfit 1. not just an easter dress

Sweet mint lace dress with tie back.

i love lace dresses i think they are so cute and so versatile. they're perfect for getting all dressed up, or even when you want a casual outfit, but still want to look cute. dresses are easy outfits because you can just throw them on without a fuss!

because it might still be a little chilly wear an oversized cream cardigan over your minty dress. then to add an extra bit of color and to cinch in your waist add a peach toned skinny belt.

for a more casual look finish off your outfit with a pair of knee high knit socks in the same color as your cardigan and some from boots. if you want a dressier look switch the socks and boots out for flats.

Outfit 2. wardrobe staple

mint green jeans are always good to have, and you can totally wear them all year round. they're a fresh new color for spring, but can also serve you well during the winter seasons.

for a clean and classy look wear a navy and white striped shirt with your mint jeans. the darker color helps to transition your outfit from winter to spring. and i love the combination of navy and mint.

wear a mint green statement necklace to help give this simple outfit a pop!

for shoes and accessories stick to neutral shades to balance out the mint in the outfit. you will look put together and polished without looking over the top.

Outfit 3. dont forget about the accessories!

so here i go again with a neutral outfit... but...!! it will make your mint accessories pop! and you want them to stand out!

im not really a fan of white pants.. but for this outfit i will defintely make an exception because the white is so pretty with the mint green.

to balance out the tight white jeans (hehe that rhymed) go for a light gray loose blouse. the white and gray are light enough to match the light mint green, while still providing a neutral base so the mint color really stands out.

keep this outfit simple and casual, if its cold add a neutral hued leather jacket (anything but black) to keep you warm.

after new years im so ready for spring... because the winter season without christmas is so blah... so im excited to add this mint green hue into my wardrobe! i hope you are too!!

have fun! <3

Friday, January 25, 2013

outfit of the day

i had the day off today and i wanted to be comfortable but being my fashion self i also wanted to be trendy. so here is my outfit of the day

(not all pictures will be exactly what i wore... but its the best i could do until i can start uploading pictures)


i stuck to  neutral colored outfit today, that way with  all my layering i wouldn't feel overwhelmed and silly.

i just started out with  a basic boat neck long sleeve tee from old navy, and a tribal print sweater vest i got from Tj Maxx, then layred my anorak vest from forever21 over that.

for my bottoms i wore my J Crew Pixie Pants, knee high socks from target and brown wedge boots from Sheik.

im sorry for such a short post... but ive been exhausted and busy...

much love <3

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

trends i'm loving: statement jeans

one trend that took me a while to catch on to but one that im glad is sticking around for the spring season is statement jeans. whether is be a patterned pair of pants or a bright color, im surprised at my ability to get alot of versatility out of these jeans. statement jeans (patterned ones especially) seemed in my mind really hard to style and wear frequently enough to get my money's worth without looking like im repeating outfits. but finding the right pair can be beneficial towards your wardrobe.

im going to style three trendy pairs of jeans that im currently loving.

Outfit 1. Sassy Pants

so by now we all know how obsessed i am with leopard print... but! it works as a neutral so the pattern isn't so overwhelming. if you stick to a natural colored animal print you'll be able to wear it with more items in your wardrobe.

so for a casual but sassy look im going to pair these jeans with  none other than my chambray shirt.

a chambray shirt is simple enough so you don't overload on your outfit. but to add some color im going to add an oxblood colored scarf and ballet flats. cuff the hem of your pants to give the look an even more casual vibe.

add a cognac belt and you're done!

this outfit is simple with a bit of glam and sas! the trick is to not feel overly dressed up and keep the accessories at a minimum so the pants can do all the talking.

2. edgy and feminine.

so for this look in going to be styling a pair of floral printed jeans. my best friend thinks im totally crazy but i think these pants are super cute, and the colors are muted enough so they're not as overwhelming.

for a feminine look add a pretty lace blouse

then to add some edge pair it with a baggy neutral cardigan and an anorak vest. to cinch in your waist to create shape to your body find a vest that has draw strings near the waist

these neutral colors add an earthy vibe to this outfit, and they allow the pants to be the main focus.

go for a cute pair of brown ankle booties to complete the look.

3. perfectly pink

like i said before i wasn't much into the patterned nor colored skinny pant trend, but lately i've found myself wanting a pair of pink skinny jeans.... i don't know why but for some reason i find them appealing.

so for this outfit i'd pair these jeans (you can go for a blush shade of pink if the bright color is too overwhelming) with a black button down over a white sweater.

i like the black sleeveless shirt because it makes it easier to layer under the sweater, it wont feel as bulky. and the detailed collar adds interest to your neckline.
go for a true white sweater, avoid a cream or beige color, true white will look better with the bright pink. if your pink pants are not as bright the go ahead and pair with a cream colored sweater, or better yet gray!

to give the look an edge stack chain link bracelets on one arm, and slip on some black studded loafers.
don't worry about making sure the hardware matches, the black collr on the shirt has both gold and silver so you're accessories can have both too.

so thats three ways to style patterned, and colored jeans!! i hope you enjoyed and are now feeling brave enough to try this trend!! it can be super fun!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Outfit Inspiration

sometimes i feel really uninspired by my closet... its that feeling where you're surrounded by clothes and you just dont have anything to wear. instead of shopping... which i do alot... i look online at art or fashion pictures to inspire creativity in my clothing. whether its a color or a pattern... or even copying someone else's outfit as best i can, it can totally reshape how i think about my wardrobe and what i can do with it.

so i'm going to put together three outfits inspired by images i found. wish me luck!!

1. Gustav Klimt

so this is me being totally art history nerdy... and i have been asked how my knowledge of art history ties into my love for fashion. so heres the deal. art is one way we have knowledge of what people wore throughout the centuries. if it weren't for art we would not have visual documentation. this painting by Gustav Klimt is one of my favorites... it has an interesting meaning and the colors are gorgeous! i'm also inspired by the shapes. this is only part of the painting, but its a close-up of the colors and patterns within the painting.

im inspired by the bit of blue floral print in the painting, so start of with a navy blue and brown floral dress.

next because of the gold in the painting i throw on a golden yellow knit cardigan.

cinch in your waist with a brown belt

then add a pair of riding boots with some knit socks.

i've kept this outfit somewhat simple because i want the pattern on the dress to be the main focus. but adding color and neutral accessories adds warmth to the outfit without getting overwhelming.

2. from high fashion to street fashion

this is an image from Dior couture. im inspired by this because of... the oxblood color... umm yes im obssessed!! dont hate

so for this outfit im going to start with an oxblood circle skirt

because im inspired by the photograph as a whole im going to go for a romantic and sophisticated top because of the grand foyer in the background. it reminds me of phantom of the opera.

pair a romantic crochet lace top over the circle skirt. cream goes really well with oxblood. i prefer it over a true white.

 next pair a olive green jacket over the lace top for an extra layer. the layering in the couture dior gown is gorgeous, so i want to go for a layered look in my outfit.

add a cream colored scarf and tights

this will help keep you warm during the cold winter season

and as for shoes... and to stick with my phantom of the opera/romantic theme go for a cute pair of black oxford flats.

notice i chose the main color as my inspiration, and the background. you dont need to necessarily copy the whole look of your inspiration but merely choose one thing as your main inspiration and feed off the small things next.

3. copycat

sometimes im totally unoriginal and just straight up copy someones outfit when im running low on time. websites like and chictopia are great places for fashion inspiration. i just find an outfit i like with pieces similar to what i know i already have in my closet and try to recreate a look.

sometimes for ill switch out a skirt for jeans of a same color so i dont feel like a total copycat, but sometimes is fun to get an outfit idea from someone else

so i hope next time you're stuck on what to wear you'll google image fashion inspiration and reinvent your whole wardrobe!

til next time

have fun <3!