Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7 Deadly Sins of Fashion

I thought i would do this fun tag before i left for vacation!

7 deadly sins of fashion


1. Greed: What is your most expensive fashion item.
 my mini mac bag is my most expensive item, but it was so worth the money. i use it every day, its the perfect size for carrying exactly what i need.

2. Wrath: What fashion item do you have a love/hate relationship with? What item has been the hardest to get?

jeans are definitely my love/ hate relationship. they're comfortable and casual but like every other girl, its so hard to find the perfect pair... this answers both parts of the question i guess.

 3. Gluttony: What fashion item do you have the most of? Which item do you wear the most?

scarves!  i can't help myself.... im constantly buying them, and because i wear them all year round i can (sort of) justify buying every single one i like. i also have the hardest time getting rid of them, when the time comes for me to go through my closet.


4. Sloth: What fashion item do you neglect out of laziness?

lipstick... i get lazy during the day and dont want to reapply it... and i know its not technically a "fashion" item, but its technically an accessory.

5. Pride: What fashion item gives you the most self confidence?

a really comfortable but chic outfit.

i love maxi dresses because they're simple, but still fashionable.


6. Lust: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

confidence. whether its friendships or relationships i value confidence in a person. it makes us stronger. even if we have to fake it til we make it, a positive attitude towards oneself is attractive.

7. Envy: What item would you most like to receive as a gift?

watches... i love watches!


so those are the deadly sins of fashion, i will be gone for a week, but i wanted to wish everyone a happy week.

and as always have fun. <3

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Sunday Outfit Inspiration

Easter is right around the corner, and because i will be gone wednesday- monday, and most likely wont be able to update my blog, im doing my easter outfits today so hopefully you'll feel inspired and try one of them out.

if you dont celebrate easter, think of this as a spring outfit inspiration... but a little more dressy.


Outfit 1. night and day

a yellow dress is a perfect easter dress. its cheerful and flirty, but is lowkey enough even for family events.

Pois Lolly Thin belt, Navy Blue Belt with Polka Dots  - $16.99a navy blue belt complements the yellow. and the polka dots are quirky and add some pattern to the outfit.

nude wedges are great for an outfit with lots of color, and are comfier to walk around in than heels. they also look spring-time appropriate.


and a white statement necklace and navy cardigan will help to complete the look, while still staying within the same color story.

2. Peaches and Mint

Mint Sweater mint green is the epitome of spring colors. its fresh and light and well spring-y. so for this outfit pair this simple mint sweater with a peachy circle skirt.

peach skirtsince its easter you get can away with wearing pastel on pastel. i love the combination of peach and mint. its a romantic combination of color.

nude flatsfor a more sophisticated look find a pair of pointed nude flats. not only is the nude a great "grown-up" shade but the pointed toes take the look from junior to young lady.

White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace and Stud Earrings Set with Sterling Silver Clasp (9-10mm) (Jewelry)for accessories keep it simple with pearls. they're elegant but simple. the perfect way to complete this outfit.

Outfit 3. Lavender and Sky Blue

Hudson Jeans Nico Super Skinny Lavender Jeans wm407 ($210) ❤ liked on Polyvorethis is the casual easter outfit, but still festive. a pair of lavender jeans is perfect for a a comfy easter outfit.

DOLCE & GABBANA lace tank top ($640) ❤ liked on Polyvorepair the skinny jeans with a white or cream lace top. its elegant and looks like you put alot of effort into your outfit without having to really try hard.

Commes des garconnes sleeveless chambray topa sleeveless chambray top looks chic and stylish, and is perfect for layering over this casual outfit.

Goatskin Light Green Ballerina Flat, Blue by Lanvin at Bergdorf Goodman.light blue flats help to tie in the pastel colors of this outfit.

I needed at gold statement necklace with some black in it. this one was perfect! got that tribal vibe tooand a geometric statement necklace gives this sweet and flirty outfit an edge.

i hope you enjoy/ got some ideas for your easter outfit!!

have a fun and safe holiday


Sunday, March 24, 2013

if all my make-up disapeared...

then here are the top 10 products i would repurchase.

so i have a pretty decently big collection of make-up, (i LOVE make-up) but if it were to all disapear and i had to start all over again here are the products i would immediately go a buy.

1. maybelline age rewind facial primer.

its a drugstore primer but for me it really works! it fills in all my (rather large) pores, and smooths out my skin for a flawless canvas for foundation. speaking of which...

2. revlon nearly naked foundation

i've quickly fallen in love with this foundation. i love the kind of coverage it gives, its a light coverage... but its covers the majority of my imperfections. im getting to the point where i dont feel the need to cover every zit and acne scar... so this is a light weight foundation that not only matches my skin tone, but feels like nothings there while giving me decent coverage.

3. cover girl concealer

this is by no means my favorite concealer, but i have yet to find the perfect concealer, but i have to say it comes in more shades than most brands do and it gves me pretty decent coverage.

4. mac's painterly paint pot

i literally use this every day as my eye primer. its a pigmented creamy nude eyeshadow that works well on its own to cover the redness on my eyelids, or as a base for my eyeshadows to stick to. it keeps my eye make-up looking fresh all day long.

5. nyx's skinny marker

they also have a jumbo marker, but i like how precise i can get my eyeliner with a felt tip pen as opposed to a brush. im a cat-eye liner kind of girl so this is perfect for creating the bested winged look.

6. urban decay naked I palette

while i've been using my naked basics palette non-stop since i bought it, i still love my naked palette very much. it offers more more neutral eye-shadow looks and i can use the black as liner and the darker brown shadow to fill in my brows. this naked palette will always be my first true love.

7. maybelline's falsies mascara

i haven't bought this mascara in a while because i love trying every new one that maybelline comes out with, but i will always love this mascara. it really does look like im wearing false lashes. this is one product i definitely plan on purchasing again ( after  i use up the rest of my 20 something mascaras....)

8. rimmel blush in autumn catwalk

i love the versatility of this blush, it gives me multiple options. i have fair skin and most of the time i love a bold blush because it gives me more color. but its got a soft pink on there for the days when i feel like being more subtle.

9. revlon lip butter in berry smoothie

this is my  - my lips but wayyyy better color. my lips are naturally a little bit pinker and darker and i love this berry color. its sheer but still has a great color pay-off and its really moisturizing.

10. wet n wild idol eyes eye shadow stick in champange. (woah! long name)

this is my last product but probably the most versatile. its my go to all-around highlighter. i use it under my brow bone, the inner corners of my eyes, to highlight my cheek bones, it highlight the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow etc etc etc... and it works great as an eyeshadow base or all on its own.

so there are my top 10. products that i would repruchase. most are drug store but theres a couple high end products. i left out things like face powder because its not something i use every day. these are my most used pretty much daily products, or products that i have used and really want to repurchase.

i hope you got some ideas. its helpful if you're completely new to make-up or are looking to update your collection.

have fun <3

Friday, March 22, 2013

Comfy Chic


i survived finals week, and now i have two weeks to relax and enjoy some time off (except when i have to work.... ) but i want to be comfortable but still look put together and cute, so here are three outfits i put together that will do just that. simple and comfy but still chic!

Outfit 1. Maxed out!

a t-shirt maxi dress is the perfect lazy day outfit. (you dont even have to shave your legs) its comfortable but still cute. i call them pajama dresses because they're so comfy.

wrap a belt around your waist to cinch it in and give you a figure.

a simple statement (which is sort of a contradiction) necklace, will add interest but it wont be obnoxious.

 and a pair of black fringe ankle booties will make this casual outfit a little more stylish.

Outfit 2. Denim Frenzy

normally im opposed to jeggings... but forever 21 has jeggings that are convincing enough to be jeans. they're really comfy and have alot of stretch so its the perfect pair of pants to wear on a casual day.

 a high-low jersey tank is comfy but still super cute. they're easy enough to dress down during the day but can still be dressed up for the evening.

 a denim jacket keeps you warm if its still chilly but its more casual than a blazer.

layered necklaces are fun and you can still look low maintainence.

 and black sandals will finish off the look.
Outfit 3. seer suckers

one of my favorite fabrics for spring is seersucker, its youthful but can be sophisticated as well.

wear a lightweight oversized sweater for a comfy but put together look.

you can pair this outfit with the same fringe ankle booties as the first outfit, or a cute pair of sandals

a floppy hat helps keep the sun off your face and prevents burns! plus its totally cute!

lastly throw on a geometric shaped pendant for a chic accessory.

being comfy is great, but being chic while being comfortable is even better!

have fun <3!