Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favorites!!!

It's time for my february favorites!! all the products and clothing and silly random things that i have been loving this month!!


1. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

so i was overly attached to my covergirl nature luxe foundation, and while i still love that one, i decided to try something new and i heard great things about the revlon nearly naked line. well not enough great things have been said, this foundation is amazing! the color fits my skin tone perfectly, it covers imperfections, lasts all day and the best thing is that i don't really look like i have any foundation on at all!!

2. Revlon Nearly Naked Powder

i got the powder to go with it.... i must say i like the coverage it gives... but a little goes a loooooong way with this one. the tinest bit is enough or else your mak-up looks cakey. but the positives are that it adds that extra little bit of coverage and gives me some color so i dont look like the vampire i am.

3. Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale

so the color might lok intimidating at first, but thats what intrigued me. however once you blend it in it gives a nice flush of color but it doesn't look fake.

4. Maybelline Rocket Mascara

talk about fake full thick lashes but without the clumpiness!! its amazing!! i get so many compliments asking whether or not my lashes are fake. they're real... they just have this awesome stuff on them!!

5. Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin-up Peach

i love this pretty peach color right now. its a super moisturizing tinted lip balm, but the color pay off is awesome. it adds a nice sheen of peach and it feels great on my lips.

6. Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

same idea as the color whisper. its a tinted lip butter with amazing color pay off! this one is a hot pink color, which is perfect for spring!! it adds a pop of brightness to my outfits which i love!

7. Ulta Eyeshadow in Stardust

this pretty neutral gold color looks great on the lid, with a black cat eye liner. refreshing and perfect for spring.

8. Nyx Roll on Shimmer in Mauve PInk

if im in an extra sparkly mood i sweep this pink sparkle into my crease for an extra pop of color and shimmer! i have been loving this look this month. its simple but adds a little something extra.


1. Chambray

the weather is finally starting to warm up so i can shed a few layers but this one is staying for the spring. it looks great with skinnies and a statement necklace or scarf and some flats. its been my go to for when nothing else seems to work.

2. Colored Skinnies

i found my outfits were getting kind of boring and to change it up ive been getting into colored skinnies. especially my lavender pants. its refreshing and a can make a simple outfit instantly more chic!

3. cat eye sunglasses

keeps the sun out of my eyes and they're super cute! very Audrey Hepburn! <3 and who wouldn't want breakfast at tiffany's?!

4. rebecca minkoff

this little bag has gone with me everywhere! and im loving the small compact size. i used to be a big purse kind of girl, but i like that ive downsized and im defintely getting my money's worth from this cute crossbody.

5. gold flats from just fab

ive been loving my cute chanel inspired flats from just fab. i love the gold sparkle, the quilting and the black cap toe. its super chic and looks great with almost every outfit i wear!!

6. floral scarves

ive been loving a plain and simple outfit with a cute floral scarf. its a nice feminine touch and a change from the heavy knit scarves ive been wearing all winter long.


1.  Solitaire

omg im so addicted. i play on my ferry rides to and from school and usually a couple rounds before bed. its just fun and relaxing.

2. Peach Tea

soo yummy hot or cold. and its decaf so i can drink it before bed without having to stay up all night...

3. Revenge

i've been getting into this show more and more... and im not gona give anything away but i cannot believe what happened in the last episode.

4. Bow Key Chain

this is super silly but i bought this recently and ive been loving the extra sparkle on my key ring. its super cute and if you know me at all you know i love my bows, so this was perfect!

5. instagram!!

obssessed!!!! i love instagramming my sketches!!

so those were my february favorites!! let me know what yours were in the comments below!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Essentials

Here are the beauty, fashion, and random things i love for spring! Being the fashion addict i am, i very into the seasonal wardrobe and lifestyle. So these are what I consider to be my essentials for this upcoming spring season!


1. Moisturizer

my skin tends to get very dry in between seasons, mostly because the weather is changing, and therefore my skin needs to learn how to adjust... however it doesn't quite catch up that quickly.
i love this moisturizer from trader joes because it hydrates my skin.. and it has SPF to protect my skin from the emerging sun!

2. a light fresh scent

this is my go to spring/summer scent. it floral and fruity and really refreshing! it perks me up and keeps me in a chipper mood throughout the day. i always get compliments when im wearing this fresh scent by marc jacobs.

3. champagne

sorry... not the drink... although i wouldn't say no to that either... but during the spring i want a fresh glowing face. so instead of the heavier colored eyeshadows i wear during the winter, i swipe this pretty shimmery color across my lids and add a little eyeliner for a soft spring-time appropriate look.

4. pretty lips

a pretty peachy lip looks amazing for spring... and a tinted lip balm is a perfect break from the drying lipsticks... this maybelline product adds the right amount of color and is still super moisturizing on my lips.

5. a hint of mint

mint green nails have me craving spring and warm weather. its a pretty but non traditional nail color that flatters most skin tones.


1. Sandals!!

by february my cramped feet in boots are yelling for sandals! when its finally warm enough to wear them it finally feels like spring!

2. lightweight scarves

i can finally pull all my lighterweight scarves out of hiding and wear them again as transition pieces for when its still a little chilly but not cold enough for jackets and heavy knit scarves. most of my lighter ones come in pretty floral prints which cheer me up and look great with simple outfits.

3. pastels

there is just something about pretty pastels. they make me feel girly and feminine and seasonally appropriate. they work well as both accessories and as wardrobe staples.

4. nautical

i love my stripes (no im not a tiger) and the spring seems like a good time to break out the nautical inspired clothing.

5. headbands

the weather has probably stopped raining enough by now and i can wear my hair down without worrying that it'll turn into a frizz fest in 20 min. but i still like to keep it out of my face. so in comes the headband. and a pretty lace band will still look cute... but be practical at the same time.


1. iced caramel macchiato

my guilty pleasure during the warmer months. it just tastes so good. 'nuff said.

2. pineapple

its so sweet and tangy. its like having a really great dessert... but i know i wont feel guilty later.

3. a cheesy beach book

its not one of my prized possessions so i can bring it to the beach and not feel guilty if its gets sandy or wet... plus its nice to take a break from my historical fiction obessesion and read something silly.

4. Day Trips

 its like a mini vacation. on my days off, if ive got nothing better to do, ill go on a day trip to santa cruz. its my home away from home, and theres plenty to do to free myself from stress.

so those are my spring essentials.
let me know what yours are in the comments below!!

have fun! <3

Monday, February 25, 2013

color inspiration - peachy pink

as i have been doing my homework this evening... i have been attracted to the peachy pink colors of spring. most of my sketches have been some version of this beautiful, feminine color, so i thought i do an outfit inspiration post.

it will be only one outfit tonight. but i felt inspired. :)

i dont have many romantic colors in my wardrobe... i am more of an earth tone kind of person... but im loving this color and finding myself wanting to wear more of this wonderful color.

so here we go.

start off with a soft and feminine maxi skirt. this one has mini pleating all the way around for a feminine look.
J.Crew Daisy lace three-quarter sleeve tee

pair with a white lace t shirt for an effortless vibe.

for shoes wear a pair of light brown ankle booties. this will complement the length of the skirt.

Alexis Bittar New Wave Gold Labradorite Doublet Layered Necklace
layer on some gold necklaces and wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face.
this look screams spring to me. and with the nice warm weather we had today im ready for pretty pinks and peaches!!
have fun! <3

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Spring Nail Polish

I always have to have a fresh manicure... i don't like knowing that my nails look chipped or shaggy... so im constantly going through nail polish.

here are my favorite colors for spring!

1. Do You Lilac It


this pretty pale shade of purple looks great with most outfits! and on most skin tones!

2. Coral Reef

this color just screams spring! i know when i start seeing coral it must mean its warming up! this shade is thr right amount of pink and orange.

3. For Audrey

if you know anything about me you'll know that i love audrey hepburn, and tiffany's, so this tiffany blue shade is one of my absolute favorites!!

4. Cherries in the Snow

this pretty shade by revlon is my favorite red color for spring, it has more pink in it so its not to christmas-y... its more of a berry red.

5. SomerSault

i love this bright sunshine yellow! its a cheerful color that makes a statement.

6. 24/7

words cannot describe to you how HOT pink this color is. and it looks even better in the sun! its a gorgeous hot pink that dries matte (until you put a topcoat on it). its the perfect pick-me-up kind of color.

7. Pacific Blue

this is a gorgeous cobalt blue color. its looks great on the  nails and is a refreshing change from pink and red.

8. Pink Friday

i wasn't really a baby pink nail polish kind of person... until i saw this! its a cute pink color without being too junior... it also goes great with any outfit.

9. eternal optimist

funnily enough, i get more compliments from guys when i wear this shade than i do girls. its a sophisticated blush color thats simple but chic. perfect for date night!

10. Did you Ear about Van Gogh

so being the art history nerd that i am.. i mostly bought this shade for the name, but i was pleased with the shade once i wore it. its a subtle nude-y taupe color that complements your outfit without over doing it.

so thats my top 10. if you want me to do a seasonal nail polish favorites post let me know in the comments below!!

have fun! <3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a little pop of neon

normally im against such bright colors... i think i tend to get scared... but recently i've found that im growing to like and appreciate brighter colors in my wardrobe.

but styling them and wearing them is a whole other story... i don't want to go overboard so i've had to learn to keep things lowkey, while still trying to make a statement.

neon is a popular trend, and a great way to add a little pop to an outfit.

Outfit. Neon Coral

so the cool thing about some neon colors is they can make you look instantly tanner.... im not saying you're going to look like you just spent the day at the beach or came out of a tanning salon... (self tanning...) but the bright color will add some color and life to your complexion.. especially after covering up during the cold winter weather.

 insta tan(er) legs!

pair this cute circle skirt with a floral sleeveless button down

theres pink in this blouse too, so the black wont seem as harsh, but will also act as a neutral so you're not too bright.

finish the look off with nude flats, and some cute bracelets

Outfit 2. Neon Yellow

be warned this color is bright, but can be super wearable. neon yellow is a refreshing color after the cold dreary winter weather. pick a simple dress, without pattern.

go for a softer neon, rather than such a bright color.

tie a cobalt blue belt around your waist, and add some flats in the same color.

statement earrings add a cute accessory but won't get to overwhelming.

the blue and the yellow complement each other. but stick to only two colors, any more and you will have done too much.

keep the outfit somewhat simple, the statement is in the color not the accessories.

Outfit 3. Neon Purple

neon purple is an easier color to wear, its not quite as out there as yellow, but its still bright. like the dress above, go for a lighter lilac shade of neon, rather than a darker one. we're breaking away from dark colors of winter, and brighter happier shades for spring.

since the pants are so bold. go for a simple light weight neutral sweater, one with a graphic is fine, but make sure there aren't too many colors going on.

to make the outfit more fun slip on some cute and quirky shoes.

as for accessories, stick to earrings and a watch or bracelets.


since theres gold on the flats, keep your accessories to the same color hardware. (if it were silver, wear silver accessories).

don't be scared of bright colors, sometimes after a neutral phase i find myself craving brighter happier colors, the trick is to experiment, but keep it simple at the same time. find the colors that work for you and expand your wardrobe that way.

have fun! <3