Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beat the Summer Heat

its been hot, i mean HOT!
like i can't do anything... hot...
like to hot to even type that much
so here's 3 beat the heat summer outfits that will keep you chic and cool.
Outfit 1. Casual Sunday
stick to the neutrals, but have fun with them, cream, black and gold pair nicely together. pair a blouse with simple detailing with a pair of tribal printed shorts. a black bandeau will help to keep you cooler than a cami underneath. for a bit of glam find a geometric pendant and black and gold sandals. you will look chic and cool!
Outfit 2. Girly Chic
Keep it simple and as fuss free as possible in the heat, a chiffon blouse and circle skirt will keep you cool with any form fitting clothing. nude flats and a pair of fun stud earrings help you to accessorize but not go over the top so you can focus more on eating ice cream than being overheated in your outfit.
Outfit 3. California Babe
Necklaces - Shape Your Style Necklace in PyramidsNecklaces - Love is in the Arrow Necklace
A cute denim and knit top is california chic, but laid back and casual. olive shorts are a change from denim, and a cool summer color. pair this duo with gold accessories. simple gold sandals and simple layered necklaces are the perfect accessories. understated keeps you cool and cute! ready for the california beaches.
i hope you stay cool and sunburnt free this summer!
Much Love <3

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Perfect Shoe

Carrie Bradshaw once said, sometimes its hard for married women to walk in a single girls shoes, so single girls have to wear a great shoe to make that walk a little bit easier.
So its not about being married or single, but the perfect shoes can make your walk a little bit better, so here are three outfits inspired by the perfect shoes!

Outfit 1. Mint Green Perfection
Shoes - Merry Jane Heel

this shoe is such a pretty color and a classic vintage style.

Necklaces - Emcee Squared NecklaceNecklaces - Just Brew It Necklace

pair these cute heels with a basic chambray shirt and a cute lace circle skirt. its a great daytime look. a brown waist belt works as a neutral and layer a couple of mint green neclaces to tie in the whole look together.

 Outfit 2. Rose Gold

Shoes - Go for the Rose Gold Flat

These rose gold glitter flats are pretty and give a feminine touch to an outfit.

Blouses - Invisible Ink Top

Necklaces - Coral Day and Night Necklace

this outfit is simple and figure flattering. when pairing rose gold accessories, i love soft colors like peach and mint green. the white peplum works as a neutral and is figure flattering. The mint green jeans pair nicely with the shoes and subtle rose gold accessories continue the color story but don't over whelm.

Outfit 3. Marveously Mauve

Shoes - The Pose Garden Sandal

These Sandals are different and the perforated floral design adds interest and texture.

Button Down Blouses - Berry Unexpected Top

Earrings - Whoopsie Daisy EarringsBracelets & Watches - Take a Bite Out of Shine Bracelets

pair these pretty sandals with a simple but girly look. a sheer blouse with a contrasting placket adds interest and makes a pair of light wash jeans a little more feminine. wrap a gold belt around your waist for a little extra glam. keep your accessories simple with a pair of daisy studs and a few bracelets.

Sometimes its fun to plan an outfit around your shoes, shoes aren't just a necessity but an accessory to your outfits as well.

Jenna Lyons (one of the creative directors of J Crew) has her son pick out her shoes each morning and she picks her outfit based on the shoes chosen.

so Have fun, pick out fun shoes, and a cute outfit to pair with them

Much Love <3


Friday, June 28, 2013

Creating YOUR perfect wardrobe

I have done a closet basics post, which i hope you found helpful, but those are just basics, theres wayyy more to fashion than just the basics, creating the perfect wardrobe is not about just amazing designer pieces, but collecting pieces that you find all over the place, from thrift stores, to the department stores. the basics are great for the foundation of a closet, but personalizing it so YOU get the maximum satisfaction out of YOUR wardrobe is important too.
I find that i'm never satisfied. maybe that's the fashionista in me, but i've had to learn to find pieces that really call out to me and that i know im going to get a lot of wear out of, if it means spending a little more than i will, because i know in the long run it means i'll get a lot of wear out of it.

so with that being said, here are a few non-basic basics that my wardrobe has accumulated that i absolutely love!

1. quirky prints

a basic silhouette with a quirky print can still go far in your closet, im not afraid to mix prints so because this silhouette is pretty simple i can pair it with alot in my closet.

2. Bold Pants

a pair of colored skinnies is always good, i get so bored of plain denim, so a pretty color helps mix it up. the trick is to find a color that you know will complement the majority of your wardrobe so it's easily paired with alot more.

3. Comfortable Maxi Dress

find that perfect maxi dress for days when you want an easy but chic look. a stylish color such as this citrus color will keep you looking ahead of the fashion crowd all while being comfy.

4. Studded Collar

its a great "layering" piece, when wearing a sweater, or adding a little bit more to an already collared shirt. its fun and quirky, and great piece to spice up the basics.

5. Printed Sweater

the tribal printed oversized sweater is trendy, but in a neutral color its a fun basic. you can pair it with a chambray shirt, or a simple tank. its a great layering piece with so many options.

6. Lace Skirt

a lace skirt is a feminine, girly piece that go in any kind of wardrobe, and can be worn with any kind of style. you can dress it down with a button down shirt for day, or with a dressier top for night.

7. Fun T-shirt

Clothing - Wisdom by Winston Tee

this cute pug t-shirt would look great layered with almost everything else i have posted. its a basic silhouette, but the cute graphic is a touch of humor and will bring out your fun side.

8. Graphic Sweaters

Clothing - How About that View? Cardigan

a graphic sweater is kind of like your graphic t-shirt. it brings out your fun side, but its great when pairing with a simple tank or a button down. its not something you can get away with for every outfit, but its fun and quirky.

9. Vintage Inspired Necklace

Necklaces - Sweet as Cotton Candy Necklace

a vintage inspired necklace is great because you can take it from day to night, pair it with your work attire for day, and with a cute flirty dress for night.

10. Adorable Crossbody
Handbags - Vestige of the Pastel Bag

a small crossbody in a fun color brings out your personality, and makes it super fun to go out. an art deco color is fun and the pale shade will go with alot more than you might think.

so there are the fun pieces I added to my basic wardrobe to add interest and a little more versatility.

Much Love <3

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Textiles and Textures

one of my favorite ways to create an interesting and fashion forward outfit is to mix different textiles and different textures.
this helps to create variety and interest, therefore something fashionable. take it to the next level, instead of a plain cotton t-shirt and jeans.
so heres what I would wear.
Outfit 1. Chiffon and a Nubby Knit
This outfit is perfect for a day trip to the city. The Chiffon skirt is breezy and pretty and pairs nicely with a silky tank. For an extra layer and some texture pair a nubby oversized sweater in a neutral color. For a finishing touch add gold accessories to complement the rest of the color in this outfit. Its a casual cool look thats put together, but laidback.
Outfit 2. Leather and Denim
this outfit might not be for everyone, but if you're willing to experiment with color, texture and styles then this is perfect. start with a great layering piece like a chambray shirt, its a simple basic silhouette, layer a thing textured leather jacket over for a chic look. a chartreuse lace circle skirt adds a bright pop of color and textural interest. finish off with neutral accessories like a statement necklace, and a simple pair of flats.
Outfit 3. Coated Denim and Print


this outfit is simple and chic, but totally interesting. the leather pants are actually jeans with a coating. so you get the comfort and the style, and the pretty jade color is a change from black. pair it with a sleeveless printed button down and tuck your shirt in and add a cute belt. finish your look off with dark brown accessories like a pair of ankle boots and a tortoise shell watch. tres chic!

I hope you enjoyed and found inspiration to add texture to your outfits!

Much Love <3