Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trend Spotting: Camo Print

I have NEVER been one for Camo print, I always thought that unless you were in the military, or a hunter, that camo was tacky and completely unnecessary, but I've been this trend re-hatch this fall, and my opinion is slowly changing.
This trend has been showing up in retail collections, but in new and more subtle and attractive ways. I'm still not sure if I would rock this pattern, but it totally follows my rule of neutral patterns, so I'm challenged to find chic ways to wear this print.
Outfit 1. Classy Camo

dress up this print with a leatherette peplum top and a pair of trousers in this print. the black helps to balance out this military look, with a feminine silhouette, but an edgy textile. to add more glam, pair nude pumps and a gold statement necklace.
Outfit 2. Dressed to Camouflage

this look is girly, and dressed up, but has a bit of a hunting vibe. dress a circle skirt with a chambray shirt for that laid back girly look, and add a camo print puffer vest and boots for a autumn appropriate look. dress this look up with a touch of glam and add gold accessories.
Outfit 3. Camo Chic

a pair of camo flats or loafers, is a subtle non commitment kind of way to rock this print, its on your feet so its not the first thing people necessarily notice. keep the look simple but chic with an oversized black sweater and a grey knit scarf. a pair of tuxedo stripe trousers slim your legs and have a trendy style.

so now I kind of want something in this print, I probably shouldn't have done this post...
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Warm and Cozy

the weather is starting to get cooler, and at night its been pleasantly chilly, I can't wait to wrap myself up in warm blankets and drift off into sleep...
...the only problem is I don't want to get out of bed in the morning...
so here are some comfy outfits, that will make getting out of bed a bit easier.
Outfit 1. I just rolled out of bed...

so to make it worthwhile, layers are key. you've just emerged from layers of blankets, so transition into an oversized sweater with fitted sleeves, for an extra cozy look layer a fringed sweater vest over that and an infinity scarf. so you stay comfy wear your favorite pair of leggings and brown boot to finish off the look.
Outfit 2. I'm trying to stay warm but look cool.


for this outfit, play with neutrals, but in texture, and print. mix prints together with a striped black and white sweater, and a leopard print scarf. mix texture together with a quilted puffer vest and leatherette pants. together they all work since they're all neutrals, but the fun mix of media works to create interest. finish off with your favorite pair of flats.
3. Don't mess with me, I'm cold and tired.

a graphic tee is the perfect way to put together a comfy outfit, while still looking cute. mix a black and white graphic with a pair of army green chinos. layer a sweater over top the shirt for that extra cozy feeling, and if its really cold, an interesting jacket wont hurt. a sparkly necklace adds a touch of glam, and ankle booties put the look together without looking like your trying to hard.
so there are some cozy fall outfits, that will hopefully motivate you to leave the comfort of your warm, and soft, and cozy... I think i'll go to bed now..
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

100 Things I Like in Fashion

in celebration of my 100th blog post, I thought of no better way than sharing with you 100 fashion related things that I love, I am sure those of you who read my blog will find something we have in common. I have to say it was a challenge to think of 100 things that I like, but it was fun, and I even learned something about myself!
in no particular order...
1. Fun Handbag
its cute and practical, and carries all my necessary things and the not so necessary...
2. t-shirt dress

these are the best kind of dresses for the "I'm in a hurry" mornings
 3. Fun Nail Art
this one is especially cute with polka dots and kitties
4. Lace Bralettes

cuz they're comfy and cute...
5. Black and Brown

my favorite of color combinations! its so neutral
6. Puffer Vests

they're are cute, warm, and comfy... but don't make me look like a marshmallow
7. Oversized Knit Cardigan

The perfect layering piece to any simple outfit... its like wearing a blanket
8. Audrey Hepburn

Beautiful, Graceful and one of the biggest icons in fashion <3
9. Knit Dress
the other "I'm in a hurry" dress. its still good to have options..
10. Marc Jacobs Daisy

my signature spring/ summer scent, its a classic now in my opinion
11. The Devil Wears Prada

That's all...
12. Skinny Jeans!!

everyone should have at least one pair of well fitting skinny jeans.
13. Coco Rocha

my favorite model, she's gorgeous, educated, and inspirational
14. Madewell

J Crew's Sister store, and one of my absolute favorite places to shop...
15. Zoey Deschanel

my personality doppelganger, and a fashion icon
16. J Crew Pave Link Bracelet

i'll admit, i'm still saving up for this one... but I stare at it every time I go to work!
 17. J Crew Pixie Pant
Literally the world's best leggings! EVER!
18. Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

I don't own these either, I just drool over them at Bloomie's... my only solace is that I've heard they're very uncomfortable
19. Glitter

my favorite color :)
20. The September Issue

If you have no clue, or criticize the fashion industry, this might give you some insight...
21. Polka Dots

I love my classic prints! (and the fact that these dots are on a t-shirt makes them better:)
22. Bubble Necklace

Bright and Fun, what could be better?
23. Color Blocked Striped Shirts

its a twist on a classic print, the otherwise black and white is given a pop! with color
24. Bow Ring

So I don't forget to do my fashion homework
25. Red Lipstick

About as necessary in your wardrobe and the little black dress! every girl needs the perfect red lipstick
26. OPI's You Don't know Jacques.

this was the first OPI I bought and my favorite! its a beautiful grey taupe that goes with everything! so chic!
27.  Crochet
Brings out my inner flower child

28. Grace Coddington
The person whom I aspire to be one day, She is one of the most influential icons in the fashion industry (watch the September issue...!!)
29. Red Ballet Flats 
when I find my outfits getting boring due to too many neutrals red flats are the bright solution!
30. Cat Prints 
I love felines! But I really love feline printed clothing!
 31. Twiggy
I love mod fashion, but I admire the woman who modeled it too.
 32. Leopard Print Flats
Finish off any look with a neutral print!
33. Stripes 
They're just so classic, I find myself trying to justify buying every striped shirt I see.
34. Leopard Print Scarf

Girl's gotta have her shoes, but where would I be without my trusted Leopard Scarf? it completes every outfit
35. Designer Fashion Illustrations 
I've learned some of the best drawing and draping techniques from studying designers illustrations.
36. Floppy Felt Hats 
it has three purposes, it keeps the sun off, or the rain out of my face, but best of all its cute!
37. My go to Outfit
I have a basic go to outfits for those days when I have absolutely nothing to wear...
 38. Union Jack Sweaters
I'm not British, but I secretly wish I was, though if I was, I might not like these sweaters...
39.  China Glaze Coconut Kiss
My toe color, 9 times out of 10 my toes are painted this beautiful metallic purple
40. Vintage Inspired Silk Scarves 
A trend that will always be classy
41. Knit Infinity Scarves 
So Cozy
 42. Fatigue Jackets
A Trend that I'm currently really loving, but also a trend that I believe will always be trendy
43.  Chiffon Blouses
So light and airy, they makes even jeans look chic!
44. Ankle Booties

My go to shoes in the fall! they're so cute with a rolled cuff!
45. Anorak Vest

A great layering pieces, and goes with any style
46. Maxi Skirts 
I call them day-wear pajamas, because they're so comfy its hard to believe that its day wear.
47. Urban Outfitters 
Another fantastic place to shop, might I recommend shopping the sale section first? I always find something there!
48. Bordeaux Lipstick 
It's like a red and a berry mixed together to create this beautiful deep hue.
49. Pearls 
Diamonds are a girls best friend, but pearls are classy!
50. Flower Crowns 
A pretty and bohemian look that brings out your fun side.
51. Fox Earrings 
I love mine, I think they're so cute, and I always get tons of compliments.
52. Cognac Riding Boots.

A great staple in any wardrobe
53. Winged Eyeliner 
A cat-eye is always my go to make-up look.
54. Chambray 
always and forever <3
55. Brocade 
one of my absolute favorite textiles. so regal and elegant.
56. China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy 
this is a summer color, but i'm starting to see this color trend for fall, and im not complaining! its about as bright as you can get though!
 57. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac
Where would I be without my trusty steed that goes with me everywhere!?
58. Polka Dot Skinnies 
A Cute printed jean, that will carry you through more than one season.
59. MissGlamorazzi 
My favorite fashion and beauty blogger and youtuber.
60. Graphic Tees 
as long as its not a logo
61. Slouchy Tees 
the slouchier the better!
 62. Nerd Glasses
I don't wear glasses, but if I did, these would totally be it!
63. OPI Malaga Wine 
The perfect red nail polish, its got plum undertones, which suit my fair complexion.
64. Statement Necklaces 
Maybe its because I work at J Crew, but I love statement necklaces! with any outfit!

 65. Fishtail Braids
it's the messy but put together look that I love. you know that you spent time, but its not obvious.
66. Stacked Bracelets 
I love layering bracelets, upon bracelets, and I love buying bracelets.
67. Vogue Magazine 
One of the best resources for researching fashion trends, and a great way to relax.
68. Chriselle Lim 
my favorite stylist, she has a blog too! she's classy and always puts the cutest outfits together, and comes up with the most ingenious ways to get the most use out of your clothes.
69. Zac Posen 
I drool over his red carpet designs, they inspire me to do my best work, and that someone so young because such a successful designer!
70. Braided Chains
tres chic! its an elegant way to finish off an outfit.
71. Peplum Tops 
when you find the perfect peplum it becomes such a go to staple. its a flattering top that emphasizes your waist!
72. Lauren Conrad's Style Book 
It might seem cheesy because she was once a reality TV star, but Lauren knows her stuff and this book is full of useful tips and tricks
 73. Rose Gold Menswear watch
obviously a man would probably not wear this particular one, but I love the menswear inspired look that's been updated for women.
74. Miss Dior Cherie 
my signature fall/winter scent. its heavier and a little bit more musky, but its still heavenly and oh so feminine.
75. Harem Pants 
obviously I would not wear such a dramatic drop crotch pant, but I love the slouchy comfy, but still chic look to the silhouette. and if you don't want to look like MC hammer, black is always sleek! Can't Touch This!

76. Oxford Flats
Another menswear inspired look that I love for women, it adds a touch of masculinity to a super feminine outfit.
77. Top Knot 
This hairstyle is super trendy, but I admit I wear my hair in a top knot, because I'm simply to lazy to actually style it.
78. Round Frame Sunglasses
alas, this look is terrible for my face, but I absolutely adore this trend, 60's revival!
79. J Crew

Oh J Crew... you torture me...
80. Moccasins
I ask for a new pair every Christmas because I wear mine so much I wear them OUT!
81. Vintage Patterns 
I love sewing (obviously), but I love finding vintage patterns! its good for trend research, as well as my Halloween costumes.
82. Tribal Print

I've been loving tribal prints, but the fact that this tribal print is on an oversized sweater makes it that much better!
83. Quirky Prints 
I'm a sucker for cute prints that are a little out of the ordinary. I just find them super adorable.
84. DIY Fashion 
If you can make your own, go for it, there is nothing more satisfying than to tell someone you made your own outfit.

particularly fall hipster fashion, but in general its my favorite season for trends, and I love to layer!!
86. Embellished Sweaters

this one is from collection from J Crew, and its about an entire paycheck... but I WANT IT SO BAD!
 87. Cat-Eye Glasses
now unlike the round frames, these ones are flattering, and bring out my inner Audrey Hepburn.
88. ModCloth

The go to place for quirky vintage inspired fashion, and their dresses are so adorable!!
89. Bordeaux Skinnies 
its my favorite color, so of course my favorite pant and my favorite color have to come together at some point.
90. American Eagle Outfitters

they have great quality clothing that's perfect for the laid back and relax kind of looks.
91. My Frenchie Sweater

I LOVE French Bulldogs, and I love my sweater. I swear I will never get rid of this, and one day when I finally have a real frenchie of my own, I will take him for walks wearing this cute sweater.
92. Peter-Pan Collars

I love them on blouses, or on their own as statement necklaces, but the rounded collar helps bring out the fun youthful side.
93. Hair Bows

Now I could not forget about BOWS! if you know me at all you know I love bows! 'nuff said <3
94. Blush 
maybe its because of my fair complexion, but i'm obsessed with blush, and giving my face a little but of life and pizazz!
95. Thrift Shopping 
I've loved thrift shopping before Macklemore made it popular... I got 20$ in my pocket...
96. Cute Socks

Little known fact, I do not, and refuse to wear boring socks.
97. Knit Berets 
This is somewhat of an old and dying trend, but during the fall its nice to keep my head warm and cover up bad hair days.
98. Jenna Lyons

She's the creative director for J crew, but she's fashion savy and smart, and I find her quite inspirational.

 99. Boat People Vintage
Ari is a you-tuber who does DIY fashion videos, and she comes up with some of the most creative ideas.
100. Project Runway
Thought I would forget to mention this didn't ya? But it's my dream to one day be on project runway and get a hug from Tim Gunn! <3
And I have successfully finished my 100th Blog Post!
I feel like a professional blogger now that I've hit the milestone.
I've had so much fun working on this blog, and consider this my fun part time job.
I will continue this endeavor with your love and support, and am truly greatful for every single one of my readers.
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci