Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Outfits of the Week

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Life has gotten so busy... but when busy there are so many opportunities for great outfits!
So here are some of my favorite outfits that I've worn this week!
Outfit 1. Easy Chic

I layered my boyfriend sweater over a cream colored blouse, and paired them with black skinnies. for accessories I kept it simple with a pendant necklace and leopard loafers. An easy outfit for on the go, but also super chic!
Outfit 2. Cozy for Fall

This outfit is easy and so comfy. I wore an oversized olive green sweater with a knit infinity scarf. I kept the bottom half of my outfit fitted with skinny jeans since the sweater is oversized. I wore booties and the same pendant just as an extra accessory.
Outfit 3. Ready to Work


this outfit is simple and easy too, I layered a chambray shirt and an anorak jacket (two wardrobe essentials) with skinny jeans and a red knit scarf for a warm fall themed look. I finished off with high cognac boots since its been chilly!!
I hope you enjoyed my favorite outfits this week!!
Much Love
Tanti abbracci!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Perfect Wardrobe for Fall

Creating the perfect wardrobe starts with the basics, but those basics can vary between seasons
obviously you won't find too many people wearing shorts and sandals during the fall... so it's good to stock up on seasonal items too.
So here are my top items for creating the perfect fall wardrobe.

 1. Cami
A neutral cami is always a good thing to have year round, its great for layering when it chilly during the morning, and warmer during the day.
 2. Black Denim
I'm assuming of course that you already have a well fitting pair of dark wash jeans, but a black pair never hurts your wardrobe.
3. Knit Scarf 
Also a great layering piece. A knit infinity scarf is great for chilly days and adding just a little extra warmth, but its also a super cute accessory.
4. Fatigue Jacket

military inspired jackets will always be trendy, but the safe route is an olive green fatigue jacket, the drawstring waist cinches you in, and its great for layering when its colder.
5. Crossbody Purse

having the perfect go to purse is a must, but a cute crossbody in seasonal colors never hurt.
 6. Striped Fair Isle Sweater

Always a classic, and there is something earthy and boho about a fair isle print. I think a neutral colored sweater is always a great option in a wardrobe.
7. Button Down Cardigan

a Grandpa style cardigan is a great wardrobe essential any time of the year, but for fall, a dark grey textured cardi is an awesome item to have in your wardrobe.
8. Drape-y Sailor Tee
A slightly oversized tee is a great thing to have, its a great option for days when your want to be comfy and decide leggings are pants, because an oversized tee will cover your rear.
9. Black Flats 
Also a good all year round staple, but black flats will carry your wardrobe this fall. its a dressy option, in case boots won't cut it.
10. Leather Bomber

every girl needs to have a great leather jacket, it is one of those things that is absolutely great for a working wardrobe. it is definitely worth a little extra money.
 11. Cream Popover
a cream colored popover is a great layering piece, especially under sweaters. its a change from the normal chambray color, but gives you the same structure as chambray shirts would.
12. Gold Pendants 

Geometric pendants are the perfect accessory for fall, they are usually long enough to layer under a scarf, and are interesting details to an outfit.
13. Shirt Dress

with boots and tights? yes! a shirt dress gives you so many outfit options, and an olive green color is neutral enough it won't look like you are an outfit repeater Lizzie Maguire.
14. Biker Boots

this style boot is particularly trendy this fall, but don't be fooled, I think this style will stay around for several seasons, so it is the perfect staple shoe for fall.
I hope this gave you some ideas for creating the perfect fall wardrobe, and most likely you have most of these items already. it gives your so many outfit options you wont get bored of your closet.
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 Fall Essentials

It's getting colder

and the leaves are finally turning red and gold

and I think it's time to list out 15 of my Fall Essentials

so in no particular order... because that seems to be more fun!

1. Peppermints
maybe it's because the holidays are coming, or that it's cold outside, but peppermint candies always make me happy. it's refreshing and tasty, and perfect for curbing my holiday sweet tooth
2. Berry Lips

it's perfect for adding some color to my already pale complexion that will only become more and more pale. it's a universally flattering shade that warms up the face.
3. Long Geometric Pendants

I love pendants during the fall, because i'm more than likely wearing a scarf, so it adds a bit of glam, while not being covered up by the scarf.
4. Knit Scarves

speaking of which, scarves are a definite must have, they are functional accessories. I love chunky knits, but if they can keep me warm as much as looking cute, then its a A+ in my book.
5. Sunnies

so despite it cooling down, its still sunny, and something worse than during the summer because there is an awful foggy glare... so sunglasses are a must! my eyes are too sensitive without them.
6. Oversized Knit Shirts

there's nothing better than feeling oh-so comfortable during the day... I fully appreciate feeling like i'm still wearing my pajamas during the day.
7. Maxi Skirts

Also a great wardrobe essential, since it's getting too cold to wear shorter skirts and dresses, maxi skirts are a great alternative, and it gets me away from my jeans and t-shirt standards.
8. Peppermint Tea

I love tea during the colder months, and drinking a warm mug of peppermint tea in the AM wakes me up and encourages me to get out of my warm cozy bed...
9. Autumnal Jewelry

Jewelry in deeper hues is a love and a must for fall. it's nice to get dressed up and when your jewelry feels seasonally appropriate then all the better!
10. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

it's the perfect dessert or treat, and it really makes me feel like it's fall outside.
11. Miss Dior Cherie

my fall/winter scent for the past three years running, its a warmer scent that has a bit of musk in it, but still ultra feminine.
12. Moisturizer

it is super important to keep your skin moisturized during the colder months, it prevents dry flaky skin and chapping. I can't stand when my skin feels dry, so I drink plenty of water and moisturize twice a day!
13. Dark Polish
I love dark polishes, I am totally seasonal when it comes to nail colors, and I absolutely loathe that summer colors are always so neon and never dark... so I love bringing out my dark colors for fall!
14. Go-To Fall Outfit

Oversized sweater, leggings, leopard, and boots. it is always good to have a go to outfit, but especially during the colder months when its colder outside and I tend to sleep in a bit longer because I can't drag myself out of bed...
15. Bronzer and Blush

very little goes a looooooong way... but its nice to add a bit of color to my skin, rather than looking dead. it makes me feel a bit more cheerful when I see myself with a warm complexion.
There you go!
15 things I deem essential for Fall
I hope you enjoyed
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci


Friday, October 11, 2013

My Thoughts on Fashion Design

Thank you Miranda,
I too often get that same skeptical snort from people who don't quite understand fashion and like Miranda, I feel compelled to tell people about things that they don't quite understand.
Often times I find myself questioning my love for fashion, and my choice to be a designer. and the main thing I tend to focus on is that I am doing what I love. but there is always that voice telling me that what I do and that what I love is superficial.
Now  I was uneducated about many things that were involved in the fashion industry. Many things I was unaware of, things I didn't know existed. I am still learning, and I think I will always be learning, and gaining knew insight and knowledge in this industry.
There are far more niches in this industry than meets the eye. When I think of fashion design my mind quickly goes to the obvious, the elite group of designers who design for such a small market. But these guys are the best of the best who show at fashion week and design garments that are so beautiful and exquisite and as just an artist I appreciate the workmanship and the skill levels that go into creating such things. But there is so much more to the design world than runway and magazine. Like Miranda said, there are countless jobs that revolve around fashion in one way or another. There are the chemists who research and develop new textiles and concepts. There are the pattern-makers who are mathematicians in their own right, who create patterns and are constantly changing and fine tuning them to fit a mass market of people. There are right brain thinkers and left brain thinkers and the majority or designers have to be both. you have to have creativity, intelligence, passion, and perseverance to succeed and that is only just the start, I have only just briefly touched on this gigantic booming industry.
I am capable of things that only this time last year I did not think myself capable of. I have had only a sample of aspects that go into this industry. I have to study into the late hours of the night and focus so much on my work, that I have given up so many other joys in life. I have sacrificed so much to do what I love, and I am not just designing for myself, I am designing for so many people.
I have taken math classes, chemistry classes, speech and presentation classes, English, art history, studio art, sewing, sketching, computer aided fashion classes, textile science, textile identification, fashion analysis, trend forecasting, body analysis, color theory, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
so maybe that's why I get irritate when people criticize art majors, but the reality of it is, this world not only needs art and creativity, but it craves it. there are so many people who struggle in this world, and I am a firm believer in the power of creative expression that it pains me to see people who struggle who can't express themselves, and I think if we had a bigger focus on the arts we would see less hatred, less violence, less depression, and find more peace with our cultures.
art is subjective, obviously, not everyone is going to take a liking to the same things, but it is still a language that we as an entire population, can understand, and the same with fashion. though we may not agree on someone else's fashion choices, it is creating a statement, therefore a language that we can learn to comprehend. It is a commonality between people, it allows people to connect, and find commonalities, and to me that is absolutely wonderful.
so yes, I question and get questioned about my intentions with my career choice, but when it comes right down to it, I see a world with endless possibilities, and a hope for something better. My objective in my career is not to just become a famous name, and earn as much money as I can, but to make a difference, to help people express themselves, to give them an outlet to say what they are feeling. I want people to be more in touch with their creative artistic side. I want someone to feel confident in the clothes they are wearing.
I work extremely hard, I am diligent, and persistent, and strive for greatness just like anyone else who is passionate about what they're doing. Fashion is not just about fancy purses and name brand shoes, but about something more.
I understand that this may seem like rambling, and rather confusing, but I hope that it gave you some insight. I feel rather frustrated sometimes about the lack of understanding in people. I hate the doubt and skepticism, and the judgement from people who think i'm merely doing this for money. It is so much more than that...
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci

DIY Halloween Costumes!

Are you broke this Halloween? worried that your costume won't be as good?
well not to worry because here are three DIY Halloween costumes that are sure to rock, but won't break the bank! that gives you more money to spend on candy :)
chances are you have all this stuff in your wardrobe already!
Costume 1.


to be a cute minion, find a feminine yellow top to pair with a more masculine pair of overalls, this is a cute costume-y juxtaposition. a pair of black combat boots adds to the over-all minion look. for accessories a yellow knit beret and round framed glasses will simulate their round yellow heads with goggles.

Costume 2.

Audrey Hepburn

this look is an iconic one, and every girl should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. pair the dress with black heels and tons of accessories, like a pearl statement necklace, and a tiara clip. if you have black gloves that's an added bonus!

 Costume 3.



this is the non commitment Halloween costume, it works both ways, as an outfit, or a costume. a mime requires black pants and a black and white striped shirt. its a basic pairing that works perfectly! edge up the look with leatherette pants. red shoes and a beret finish off the look. add black or red suspenders if you want more of a costume-y look.
keep the make-up on all these costumes easy with one look! a black cat-eye is perfect, and for the mime red lipstick is a nice touch.


my favorite products for a fresh face, and neutral make-up for a fuss-free Halloween night!
let me know if you would like anymore Halloween costume ideas, leave a comment below telling me what you would like to see!!
Much Love
Tanti Abbracci