Sunday, December 8, 2013


So Christmas is upon us, and the gifting season has begun, so I've put together a list of things I think are awesome gifts, and hopefully will give you and idea of what to get someone!
so in no particular order, here's 12 awesome gift ideas! so... here we go!
1. The Stocking Stuffer
eos lip balms are so popular today, and what a cute little gift idea is this? it makes the perfect stocking stuffer, or split it up into three different gifts!
2. Portable Phone Charger

thoughtful and practical, with the smart phone craze, people are constantly running low on battery and these things are so handy. they hold up to about a full phone charge and only require a usb chord when carrying it around.
3. Homemade Goodies
a homemade trail mix in a jar is a cute gift idea. you can share with someone your favorite treat and they can reuse the jar when they're done!
4. Hand Cream, or Body Lotion

during the holidays, beauty brands usually come out with tester sets of they lotions, so this makes a great gift for someone who loves different scents, or again distribute them into separate gifts.
5. Vintage Tea Cup

this is a cute idea for the coffee or tea drinker, its a bit more personalized than the coffee mugs sold at big name stores, and they're super cute and dainty!
6. Make-Up Sets

personally I hope Santa brings me the naked 3 palette this year, but make-up palettes are perfect for beauty lovers, they have multiple shades so there is bound to be something they like!
7. Perfume

Perfume is also a more personal gift, it means the person buying for you took their time to find you something they think you'd like.

8. Moccasins 
perfect for the person with super cold feet! moccasins are a perfect Christmas gifts! they're seasonally appropriate and I would say pretty universally loved!

9. Nail Polish Sets
again, you can divide this up, or give it to a nail polish junkie so they can try out new shades, I mean you can never have to many red polishes!
10. Quirky Sweaters

Novelty sweaters are super popular, and there's bound to be graphic just perfect for your friend!
11. Phone Cases

phone cases are always fun! and a great accessory for the fasionista who's closet is already huge!
12. Hand Crafted Gift

taking the time to learn a craft and then making it into presents is are sweet gesture and really comes from the heart. a hand-knit scarf is not only practical, but a huge trend that's really cute!
I hope you got some ideas! these are perfect gifts for almost any friend, so there's bound to be something they'd love!
Happy Gifting!!

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